Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Girls on the boat 
Where did the time go . . . it has already been 11 days!  We just finished our last day here in Europe, and we had the morning to shop in the city or to find our last minute sight-seeing.  Some people went to the Jewish Cemetery, and said it was and amazing experience.  Then we went on the boat trip which was really cool! We had lunch on the boat and then had a farewell speech from the guy who makes the arrangements and makes the trip happen, Joe.  Joe and our tour guide Henrick were awesome! We were even lucky enough to spend time with Joe’s wife, Kathy.  They are great people and we appreciate everything you have done, and did do to make this trip memorable, and even possible.
Erica, Jena, Anne and Cami

The Payne Family
Our faithful parents and some of the girls after shopping and sight seeing
Gel and her mom
Lindsi and her mom
Our awesome parents
The Marshall Family
More great parents
We had some fellas come on our trip
Merc and Carlee
Jena, McKinzie, Cat and Cami
Nix Family
Stacy, Lo and Megan
A bird pooped in Nimmer's hair . . . it was really funny
We then had our last and final game! Well the score was 7-0, and the girls did a great job knocking the ball around and obviously finishing! Jaiden Thornock had 3 goals, Niki Fernades had one, Kayla Varner had one, Jessica Ringwood had one and so did Senior Jennie Marshall. What a way to go out with a goal in the last minute of the game! Thank you seniors, and we will miss you!  

Cat, Niki and Annie
Niki's game tonight shirt . . . fitting for the occasion
Some of the fella's watching the game
Our fans for the big game
More fans
Henrick, Bug, Laura an Stacy
Oldroyd Family
Team Photo
Some of the girls and parents went back to the “old city” to have dinner and check it out during the night. It is beautiful all lit up, it almost looked fake or like it was a totally different city.  When we got off the bus some girls started to run,  and later come to find out they were trying to get to the Nike store before it closed. Needless to say they made it, all sweaty, but they made it . The guy wouldn’t let us into the so Merc pretended that she didn’t know what he was saying and went right in.  The girls got some shoes, and shorts!  Then they spent the evening in the city, and played games all the way home on the underground.  I am sure people around us were very annoyed . . . some were even taking pictures!  

Some type of massage . . . not sure . . . confused
Sort of gross . . . but cool  

It has been a great trip . . . if you look back to Switzerland, and being on the “top of Europe”, it feels like it was sooo long ago . . . but everything went very smoothly! We were able to go to 5 countries in just 10 days!  It was amazing! Joe and Henrick were great,  the bus driver Erik was great, , the parents were great, the coaching staff was great, and the girls are an amazing group of girls, so they were great too!  Special thanks to Jen and Coach for giving this a opportunity and for making it happen! 

Keep checking back . . . LOTS of pictures to come!  

"I love Germany!" 
Last night in Prague
Peace Out . . .
And Goodnight Prague . . .  Goodbye Europe!
You can sleep now Silver Fox . . . a job well done!

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